Embrace C-Series Hearing Aids

Custom Programmed, High Performance, Invisible Hearing Aids


Effortless Hearing

The software in the C-Series delivers state of the art hearing performance from one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. They actually self-adjust to your environment so you don’t have to. They fit completely into your ear canal so in addition to being virtually invisible, they never interfere with glasses or face masks.


Virtually Invisible

The incredible design of the C-Series enables it to deliver exceptional clarity while being placed completely into your ear canal making it virtually invisible.


Custom Fit Without Molds

Uncomfortable molds that plug up your ears are a thing of the past. The C-Series are first custom programmed to your hearing test by our Audiologists, and then they are fitted to your ears with highly adaptable soft-silicone sleeves that ensure comfort and retention. The sleeves come in numerous different sizes and styles, allowing us to fit for mild to very severe hearing loss.


Smartphone App For Minor Adjustments

Although our Audiologists custom program the hearing aids to your hearing test before we ship them to you, there is also a free smartphone app allowing you to make further personal adjustments if required. If you prefer to not use a smartphone, you can also adjust them with our optional hand held remote.

Features of C-Series

  • 3-year warranty with a 45-day trial
  • Custom audiology tuning
  • Powered by a size 10 battery
  • On-demand tinnitus management
  • Adjust with a smartphone app, or optional remote
  • Advanced noise reduction and feedback blocking
  • Unique Binaural OneMic Directionality capitalizes on the natural shape of your ear to focus on enabling the wearer to hear what matters.

What's in the Box


Hear from Our Happy Customers

“With my Embrace hearing aids, I have slightly better understanding in noisy situations. The reps are excellent. They do everything they say they’re gonna do.”

- Danny from Texas

“I have partial hearing loss and having Embrace has helped me a lot. The hearing aids are comfortable. Plus, their customer service team is very good.”

- Karen from Ohio

“My Embrace Hearing aid is behind the ear and it’s rechargeable. I can hear better since using it. The rep has also been wonderful working with me. I’m amazed she’s put up with me this long.”

- Virgil S. from Wisconsin

“I got the Embrace hearing aids with the batteries. They work as good as some of the other ones that I previously had but the Embrace ones were cheaper.. I like them and I can hear a lot better.”

- Lee B. from Pennsylvania

“I’ve had a pleasant experience with Embrace. With my new hearing aids, I can really hear.
They’re very comfortable. They have the Number 10 battery and they last four days.”

- Leslie from Las Vegas, NV

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