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I decided to buy from Embrace mostly for the price and the reviews, and I’ve had great service with them. At the time of my purchase, their customer service was also top-notch. I sent them all of my results from my latest hearing test, then they programmed the hearing aids. Also, they're in constant communication with me to see how the hearing aids are working.

Scott H., Wyoming

The people at Embrace are excellent. Along with their good product and warranty, my experience with their reps was one of the reasons I decided to purchase from them. I went with it and it allows me to hear better. I like the clarity, and it's very comfortable. I don't even know I have them on. Since having my Embrace hearing aids, my wife has stopped yelling at me.

Gerald H. , Georgia

I have a moderate hearing loss and before these hearing aids I went through 2 trials with other suppliers ( an audiologist and an online shop). I found a great difference in the quality of the product at Embrace Hearing and very importantly the service exceeded all expectations plus all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Now I hear very well without the need of repetition. I am a very happy satisfied customer and I recommend Embrace Hearing for your purchase of hearing aids.

Victoria S., Quebec

I did a lot of research on the internet for a couple of months. When I read more literature about Embrace on the internet, I decided to give them a try and I’m glad I did. I had the top of the line one. Their reps have been very good to me. They sent me a bunch of batteries, which just ran out now and I’m buying my own, but that’s okay. My experience has been great and I’m happy with my purchase.

William Y., Idaho

I can really understand what is being said in church!

Theresa T. from Naugatuck Connecticut

I am very happy with my new aids and finally, I can really understand what is being said in church. Before I had a terrible echoing and I thought that it was due to the ancient intercom system, but lo and behold, that noise is GONE! One thing I did notice is that the plastic cord seems to be shorter on this model as the aid lays right on top of my ear, whereas my old one was tucked behind the ear and also the plastic puller outer seems to be wanting to go in the wrong direction and sticks out rather than molding itself to the inside of my ear. I am getting used to it and I was so surprised when I was listening to something and suddenly it changed and became much clearer as if a switch was turned on in the middle of things. I guessed that it was programming itself to adjust to the different mode but it was a wonderful thing as now I understand what was meant by that when I read the information. All in all, I am very satisfied and happy and want to thank you for your patience with me. I know that I will not be getting any kind of discount via Medicare and the United Healthcare as I needed a doctors referral to get a free hearing test so I had to pay $165 for a hearing test as I never did get a referral from my doctor and also I would have to go through the designated provider through Hearing.com which means buying them directly through their store. I would much rather deal with you guys as you have always treated me very well and I do not want to change anything. Again, thank you and if I do happen to have any questions or problems, I will not hesitate to contact you. Thank you.


Mary S. from Carver, MA

Thank you so much. My hearing aid seems so much clearer and feels louder but I think that is me. Maybe just working like it should have been and I did not realize.Anyway thanks for such terrific service. 6 years with Embrace hearing aid and going strong. Have a great day. Mary S.

Maintaining the performance of your hearing aids

Roger I. from Roswell, GA

Thank you for this reminder email AND the check-up call today!!They are working perfectly since I got them back.I have the various reminders for maintenance activities in my calendar so I take care of them as suggested.Thank you all again for the wonderful support you have provided me over the years and for your continued support in the future!!!A very appreciative Roger

D.O.T. Hearing Test Success!

Dianna N. from Gilbert, SC

I went to get my DOT [Department of Transport, Commercial License] Physical a week and 1/2 before my medical expired and I failed my hearing test. I called to see what my regular Dr could do, and they said it would take about 3 weeks before they could do anything for me. I googled "hearing aids for DOT" and Embrace Hearing came up. I read the reviews and they were great. So, I called, and I received a call back from Dr. Pam. She talked and worked with me to get a hearing test and then she recommended the X950 hearing aids. I received them on Monday 1/23/23. She called me again when they were delivered. I wore them for 2 days trying to get used to them and went back to take my DOT Physical again and passed with flying colors! All of this was done in a matter of 7 days. I went to DMV and turned my paperwork in with 1 day to spare. I HIGHLY RECOMMED DR PAM and EMBRACE HEARING

Best Customer Service

Andy S. from Gilbert, SC

I am on my 2nd set of Embrace hearing aids. The customer service they provide is impeccable. I had a minor issue with one of my aids. All I did was send them an email letting them know what my issue was and within a few minutes, I received a reply and a new part was ordered and the way. The order was followed by a phone call just to confirm. The part arrived a day later and my issue is as solved. They did offer to have my aids shipped directly to the manufacturer, but I declined and wanted to self repair. It was so easy. Honestly, the best experience and my aids work very well. Thank you!

I wanted to give them a fair trial.

Robert G. from Queensland, Australia

Dear Customer Service, I have delayed contacting you about my experiences in using my X-950 hearing aids, as I wanted to give them a fair trial.The devices are much smaller than I expected, so much so, that they are almost invisible, and will be so if I let my hair grow a little longer. Fitting the domes into my ear canals proved a little tricky and, at first, had a tendency to fall out; but not now. The fitted domes were just right for me and in time expect to get the insertions correct. This morning both aids are firmly in the ear canals, so the future looks promising.The hearing level first experienced was tremendous: i needed to tone it down. The tv sound level was reduced to a low level for the first time. Now, my family say my voice is much quieter, and am not missing out in conversations. I now hear my own voice clearly.The charger and hearing devices are of excellent quality, and the service from the support team was just super and very encouraging. Altogether, Embrace is a great company to do business with - thank you very much.

Over and above on customer service

Clay L. from ALBANY, N.Y.

After making a phone call to explain a minor issue I was having, the company rep went above and beyond in helping me. He sent out some FREE replacement parts that made all the difference in the world to me. It is now more enjoyable to wear my hearing aids in several ways. I couldn't thank him enough!

Incredible service and great people

Nathaniel N. from Oregon

I’m a combat veteran and this process was a life saver. I don’t like office visits and I had my hearing test already. The people are incredible from top to bottom. I will be recommending them to anyone who is thinking about hearing aids. I love the ability to have my music or phone conversations directly through my hearing aid.

Great Service!

Brian S. from Georgia

I'm on my second pair of hearing aids from embrace hearing. I was nervous my first time trying this company since it was all online but I have been pleasantly surprised. Whenever I need service, they respond immediately and coordinate with the manufacturer to have the repairs made quickly and without any questions or hassle. They also follow up with me to be sure they're working correctly after I get them back. The warranty on my older pair recently expired but they contacted me ahead of time asking that I send them in for a last minute tune up, FREE OF CHARGE. I haven't tried other online companies to compare them to, but I can say it would be very difficult to match their customer service. I rarely submit reviews but I highly recommend this company!

That was so thoughtful of you and meant more than you know.

Melinda K from Vero Beach, FL

Thank you so very much for helping my mother. If you recall, less than a year ago she also purchased a set of hearing aids from your company at my recommendation. She was so happy, after having a low quality set for years, that when she tried them on, she started wiping away tears. But the reason I am also thanking you today is she was just so upset that she had lost one of them recently. I heard that my stepfather called to get it replaced and your company gave her a huge discount. That really was so thoughtful of you and meant more than you know. She was pretty broken up about losing it. My sincerest thank you! Your customer service is top notch!

Can't believe what I've been missing

Carl from Fort Edward, NY

I'm a real person with a real hearing problem. A few weeks ago I failed my DOT (Dept of Transportation) physical due to not being able to hear the whisper test they gave me. At that point I was out of a job. I had only a few days to correct this or I would loose my Class A Commercial Drivers License. So I started researching and looking at different hearing aids. I went to my local audiologist and I was told they had hearing aids for me but they were going to cost me $7000. So in my quest to find affordable hearing aids I found Embrace Hearing. They were just as good if not better than the ones the local clinic had they were affordable. At least that's what I read and was told over the phone. So I said ok what to I have to lose. They took my audiologist report and used that as my hearing aid prescription. I was told they would be tailored for my type of hearing loss. Within 48 hours they were at my doorstep. In less than an hour I had the pleasure of talking to one of the most caring kind wonderful Embrace hearing professionals I've ever talked to. She goes by Dr Pam and she was the audiologist that programed and tailored my hearing aids. She stuck with me evey step of the way right up until my new physical at DOT. Which I passed! She reassured me I would pass with flying colors. I was hearing things around my home and outside that I had totally been missing. We have a small farm and I was able to hear the chickens and the birds chirping. All sorts of things. I'm now able to hear and understand my grand daughter. I was able to go to a bowling function and have conversations with people and hear them over the background bowling noise. I am back to work. The hearing aids Tim and Dr Pam provided have changed my life truly forever. Everything that was discussed over the phone was true and accurate. Customer support is #1 as well. I receive a phone call in less then 30 minutes after I have called with a question or concern. THANK YOU Dr Pam Tim & Customer support and tech support.

I consider myself very fortunate

Joseph Q. from Blackwood, NJ.

I have been a customer of Embrace Hearing since November 2015, when I was diagnosed with hearing disability in both of my ears. I do not remember how I became aware of Embrace Hearing, but I consider myself very fortunate that they provided me with hearing aids. I consider purchasing hearing aids from Embrace Hearing at that time to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The hearing aids I purchased from Embrace Hearing were extremely similar to the hearing aids which had been recommended by a Audiologist associated with a local Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor, but the Embrace aids were approximately one third of the cost I would have paid to the Audiologist. In addition to the extensive financial savings, the service I have received from Embrace Hearing since 2015 has been excellent. Every Embrace Hearing representative with whom I have been in contact has demonstrated that Embrace Hearing is totally committed to customer satisfaction. Most recently, I took advantage of their hearing test which I was able to take through my mobile phone. The results showed a decline in my hearing ability in both ears. Through communication I had, I was offered the opportunity to send the hearing aids I had purchased back in 2015 to Embrace Hearing to reprogram them as part of a total refurbishment at a cost of substantially less than it would have cost me to purchase new hearing aids. I have been using the refurbished and reprogrammed hearing aids for about a week and I have experienced a dramatic improvement in their effectiveness. I highly recommend Embrace Hearing to everyone with whom I come in contact who expresses a need for hearing assistance.

Wonderful Free Refurbishment

Kenneth K. from Brewster MA.

Your free hearing aid renewal program prior to the end of my warranty has been wonderful! When the hearing aids were returned, I could see a new outer shell and new plastic ear inserts. I could hear much more clearly! My wife also thanks you. The battery life is back to normal if not a bit better. Your repair people did a great job. Please thank them for me.

...as good as any I have had over the last 15 years

Ralph B. from Union WV

Thank you. The hearing aids are now, everything considered, as good as any I have had over the last 15 years. Especially welcome, your online hearing diagnostic, which is very important to us oldsters, who have to stay home most of the time. I'm 90. - RDB

These aids are amazing

Marian G from Cape Cod, MA

Amazing customer service. Could not be happier with how they handled all the follow through after I took an online hearing test. The hearing aids are amazing and half the price of my old aids that I bought years ago for over $5000.

Very Happy

Ed. from Tennessee

I have had my Embrace in the ear hearing aids for 6 months. From the first week I have been completely satisfied. I put them in when I awake in the morning and leave them in until bed time. So comfortable that I forget that I am wearing them. I now can hear what people are saying without asking them to repeat. Good company. Great hearing aids.

I enjoy wearing them because of the richness that they add to my hearing

Thomas W. from Jolliet, IL

Hello, Embrace Hearing, I appreciate your phone call earlier this week, asking me how it is going. During most work days, things are so hectic that a phone call is basically impossible, but I wanted to quickly touch base this morning. First, I wanted to inform you that yesterday I received in the mail my reimbursement check from my insurance carrier, Teamcare, in the amount of $1900.00, so that brought my out-of-pocket cost for my wonderful top-of-the-line XR series hearing aids from Embrace to $698. To which I say, "Not bad!" I just want to thank you once again for your help and cooperation in submitting for me their requested Predetermination of Benefits form and for the detailed invoice that you provided to me which I was able to send along to Teamcare in order to get my reimbursement. I do find that I enjoy wearing them because of the richness that they add to my hearing. When I take them off, I detect a contrast that I can only describe as being 'in the clouds', instead of out in the vivid sunshine.

Excellent service and aids

Pamela A. from Newport News, VA

I have used hearing aids through Embrace Hearing for seven years now. The hearing aids sold are half the price of aids through an audiologist office but the quality is equal. I have been adopted by an audiologist for some services but whenever I have contacted the personnel at Embrace, I have received quick response and help. I have not yet used them to readjust my aids after a new hearing test. The adjustments that have come in the three sets I have have received have been accurate.

Wonderful experience

Kelly B. from Orlando, FL

I’m so happy that I chose Embace Hearing. The owner, Tim is top notch and his work ethic and kindness is also reflected in the quality of work and kind demeanor of the doctors that work there. I just had a wonderful experience with Dr. Sonia from start to finish. After two years since getting my hearing aids I was given a courtesy call from Dr. Pam to see if I wanted to send my devices in for a tune up before the manufacturers warranty expired. She also suggested that I may want to get a new hearing test so the devices could be reprogrammed to my current hearing specifications at no cost to me. Dr. Sonia stayed in touch with me during the entire transition. From me to the manufacturer to Embrace Hearing and back to me. Dr. Sonia said she’d look out for them and boy did she. She received the devises, reprogrammed them and sent them out to me in the same day. All done fast and free with overnight shipping. I will tell this story many times. Thank you Tim , Dr. Sonia and Dr. Pam for an excellent customer experience.

Its great to hear again

Sean W. from Minneapolis

I have near profound hearing loss at the higher frequencies. I felt absolutely isolated from the world and lonely. My existing hearing aids no longer worked with my deteriorating hearing loss. I bought the X-Series because I like to be able to control the volume from my phone. The people at Embrace are very responsive. I got a call from one of their doctors shortly after receiving them and another follow up from her three weeks later to confirm everything was working correctly. My last pair of aids from Embrace lasted 7 years and still work, they just need software updates. Embrace offered to do that for me but I decided to get new ones instead - they will be donated. Great hearing aids, great company, great prices. My primary needs are to hear in small groups (restaurants), movie theaters, private conversations, watch television without alerting the neighbors:-). I have channels for each of those and a setting for my tinnitus. I can hear birds again!!!

Very impressed!

Linda S. from Spring Branch, TX

What a great experience. I ordered my new x-series online and it arrived at my door in just a few days. Having lost my old Phonaks (more than 8 yrs old and requiring batteries) I knew I was in deep trouble without them. Getting old sux! Lol Charging these new hearing aids is a piece of cake! I downloaded the HEARING APP, typed in a little info and VIOLA! These are GREAT! Things are so much better., I can hear my cat crunching her food from the living room and she’s in the kitchen. These are EXCELLENT hearing aids (& No, I’m not getting paid to say that... but it would be nice! Just kidding). DR. SONIA CALLED the next day to check up on me and asked if I had any concerns, questions or problems. Totally enjoyed speaking w/her and look forward to the next time. If you’re needing hearing aids for the first time or second or 3rd time, snatch up a pair of these. They’ll be the LAST pair you’ll ever need! Price was only a little more than what I paid 8-10yrs ago when I first bought a pair (batteries required, & they’re not cheap). I am truly thankful I chose EMBRACE HEARING aids. You can control your settings and volume from the iPhone app. Beats the heck out of fiddling with the BTE buttons! SIMPLY AWESOME! A++

Sorry this didnt work out but...

Norbert R. from Bealton, VA

Sorry that this didn't work out. However, it was a real pleasure working with your company. I appreciate the caring attitude I was shown several times and also the prompt, honest and professional attitude about the reimbursement. The money is already in my account! Unfortunately, we all know this honest and caring business behavior is rarely seen these days.

I am very satisfied

Ed M. from Shirley, NY

I'm about 2 months in with my Embrace hearing aids after about 10 years with hearing aids from storefront companies. These were about half their price. I like these aids, and their service is great. Had to return one for adjustment and both due to a blue tooth issue. Both times my aid were back within 2 days and fixed.

They are VERY responsive

Ernest C. from Mashpee, MA

I was doing research on hearing devices and came across an article in a magazine that was dedicated to people who are hard of hearing and gave Embrace high reviews, and I had good success with them. Their customer service is excellent. They get back to you right away. They’re very responsive. They seemed to have records so they know who you are. This is my second set of Embrace hearing aids, and I had the first pair for about six years. If I don’t wear my hearing aids, I can’t carry on a conversation unless I’m looking at people’s faces and can read their lips. I have really bad hearing but with the Embrace Hearing device, I can hear pretty much anywhere pretty well.

It has been a week since I got the amazing X series

Ed McT. from Shirley, NY

After wearing in-ear hearing aids for about 10 years my old pair were shot. Although the audiologist at the storefront hearing aid store was great I'd found over the years that the company behind her very difficult to deal with. I also found that when they'd adjust my aids per my hearing test I'd come home and the results didn't translate to real world. So I checked on-line. Embrace had an excellent rating and very good reviews. Looking further I was amazed at their prices, about half what the storefront company charged. I wanted to again get the in-ear type, but they recommended I go with behind the ear style as I was about maxed out for the in-ear style (which I knew). So I got the X-920's, and I'm thrilled. Very small and almost impossible to see when on. I'm especially happy with being able to adjust the volume and programs with a cell phone app, although I did have to get a new phone as mine was an S4 and didn't support the app. I suggest everyone check that their phone is compatible with the app. Where I was maxed out with the volume of in-ear aids the x-920's have room to adjust if my hearing gets worse; in fact at its current adjustment I keep the volume set at below half-way. So if I'm in a noisy environment or dealing with one of those people who speak too softly, I have plenty of room to adjust the volume up. One other thing, in these days of wearing masks the literature suggests wearing one with the loop that goes behind the head as the loops that go behind the ear can take the hearing aid with it when you remove the mask. However I prefer the over the ear loop type, and I easily found a work-around. Simply put a finger inside the bottom of the loop and rotate it up behind the ear and off, The mask comes off and the hearing aid stays in place. On a final note I want to mention that the people I've dealt with at Embrace are great, very patient and very accommodating. They're genuinely concerned that you get the right product and that it works right. In fact they don't push at all. They recommended a cheaper model than the X-920 and did zero selling. Upgrading was completely my choice.

$2100 dollars cheaper and actually work better than my previous units.

Doug S. from Mukwonago WI.

I have received my hearing aids today, which I thought was pretty quick. I could not get mine adjusted that fast from a brick and mortar outfit, let alone have new ones adjusted and sent to me. Charged them up and got them paired to my phone really easy. I must say that as most other people I was very apprehensive about getting units on-line. After all, we are preconditioned to only think that seeing someone directly will be better. I can now tell you the people at Embrace were great, from initial questions I asked, to picking out units I was told everything step by step. After deciding what units I wanted and ordered, another audiologist sent me an email with more questions pertaining if I had hearing aids before so as what to expect. The units I received (X920) were comparable to what the brick and mortar place I had bought from before. One Huge Difference, these were $2100 dollars cheaper and actually work better than my previous units. I will recommend Embrace to anyone. Thank you Embrace Hearing.

The new X-Series aids are a quantum leap

James G. from Easton, Maryland

Full disclosure, I am a relative of the founder of this company. I am also a long-term customer and my relative has been gone from the company for years. I recently updated my old aids to the bluetooth capable X series. I was happy with my "older" ones and curious about the bluetooth and other enhancements. After a conversation with Tim, I ordered the replacements. Not sure what is the technology behind it, but the ambient noise (restaurants, etc.) issue is significantly reduced. The mobile phone-based remote app is a plus, and, most importantly for me, the bluetooth works with my TV and phone. There were some "set-up" issues that we worked through with help from a manufacturer's tech. What I find with the streaming TV audio is that when properly adjusted for volume balance, the stream fills in all the upper frequency sounds I was previously and frustratingly missing. I don't need the subtitles anymore! The new aids are a quantum leap in function and the service from Tim and Pam were very professional and expert. This is a "rave" review!

Excellent Customer Service

Bill T. from Asheville, NC

Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt and effective instructions. Everything works fine now. Thank you so much. Over the years you have demonstrated yourselves to be the highest quality company ever in terms of product and particularly customer service. I have always been so impressed and you have done it once again.Have a great day.

Works for me!

Eric from Lake County, OH

I'm very happy with the quality of the aids, the customer service is fast and fantastic, and the price is very very competitive! When I went to the audiologist for the required testing she couldn't help herself and asked me, if I wouldn't mind telling her, what I was getting and what the price was. After hearing she said "oh, no way, I couldn't come close to that". My advice? Embrace Embrace...you won't be sorry!

Awesome customer service - 3 years after purchase

Daniel V. from Walterboro, SC

Purchased two hearing aids and remote from Embrace about 3 1/2 years ago, very pleased. About 6 weeks ago the left aid started working very erratic, then stopped completely. New ones were not compatible with my right and remote. Embrace was able to contact the manufacturer, find a replacement and got a greatly reduced price for the replacement. This is awesome customer service. I will purchase my next one here when the time comes.

Thank you again for the immense help

Allan B. from Savannah, GA

I want to thank you again for the immense help and substantive advice you have given me over the past weeks regarding my new hearing aids. Presently, my hearing, the TV and the phone assistance is working perfectly. All thanks to your patient and wise instruction. Anyway, l am very pleased with my aids. I hope and trust l will not have to bother you again for a long, long time. Thanks again, Allan

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Angela L. from Long Island, NY

My package was delivered today .. Aside from my fears of using my hearing aids and a phone call to Embrace .. All is ok .. Special “ Thank you “ for your patience and understanding .. Your Company's Custom Service is , the reason why I chose to deal with your company...👍 Again , sorry to be a bit pesty but , forgive me ... lol 😂 Thanks again Embrace

I love my S-710s

Pater A. from Baltimore, MD

I love my new S-710 hearing aids. No problems. No squealing. And I love the television connector thing. Works great.

They truly do affect one's quality of life

Marina J. from Hacienda Heights, CA

Hello Embrace - It has now been approximately one month since I received and have been wearing the aids and I wanted to thank you so much for the change the aids have made. I am angry at myself for not doing this sooner as they truly do affect one's quality of life. The experience so far has been exceptional.

Very good customer relations!

Angela L. from Long Island, NY

Received my hearing aids today . Had a few concerns / questions and spoke with Tim. This man is knowledgeable and very professional .He answered all of my questions completely .I will review again after I’ve adjusted to them .. I’ve never worn hearing aids and already can hear a improvement.Thanks everyone at Embrace for your patience and understanding .. Very good customer relations ...

Excellent follow up service

Jim K. from Shelburne, Vermont

My newly acquired hearing aids required some adjustments, that I discussed with the Service Department. I agreed with the recommendations, and was immediately sent a return address label to mail the hearing aids back. Service was done promptly and the hearing aids were returned to me in less than a week. The service performed was excellent, and the hearing aids were returned in "like new' condition with the sound and frequencey adjusted perfectly. Thank you so much Embrace Hearing, as they now work great!

The Service exceeded all expectations

Victoria S. from Montreal, Quebec

I have a moderate hearing loss and before these hearing aids I went through 2 trials with other suppliers ( an audiologist and an online shop). I found a great difference in the quality of the product at Embrace Hearing and very importantly the service exceeded all expectations plus all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Now I hear very well without the need of repetition. I am a very happy satisfied customer and I recommend Embrace Hearing for your purchase of hearing aids.

The sound is great & smoother than the HA’s I’ve had before

Robert R. from Danbury TX

Dear Embrace, i’ve had no problem with wearing the HA but i did have a prob of it slowly working out of my ear but corrected it by changing out the dome for a larger one which solved the problem, it’s very comfortable to wear, l forget it’s in & i can hear my wife with TV on now where before we had to mute the TV volume to talk. So far it’s been a good experience, i’ve had no problems, the sound is great & smoother than the HA’s i’ve had before, Thanks!

Glad I discovered Embrace Hearing

Michael M. from Charlotte, NC

When my old hearing aids (from a well known seller of hearing aids) became obsolete and irreparable the cost for their best aids was $7000 to $9000 dollars. So, I decided to do a little research and boy am I glad I did because I discovered Embrace Hearing. After talking to Tim at Embrace Hearing and having all my questions answered, I realized that these people really know hearing aids inside and out. I ordered the H-700 with Speech Beam and Remote Control and received them about Nov. 15, 2017. They worked perfectly right out of the box and I have not had one minutes problem with them. I am so happy with these aids and cannot say enough about their quality and the support from the folks at Embrace Hearing. Oh, and the price was less than a third of the cost for a comparable pair from the maker of my old aids. Do not be afraid to order online and don't fall for the sales pitch about all the reasons to buy locally (re-tuning, maintenance, etc). If you get a good valid hearing test and request a print out to send to Embrace (I paid about $80.00 for the test and print out) they will evaluate the test and prescribe the best aids for you and they will come programmed correctly the first time. With my old aids I did not think they would ever get them right. If you should have a problem and need to send them back for reprogramming or repair they assured me that they have a fast turn around. Why pay 3 to 4 times what Embrace charges when you can have the best for less.

It was so hard to hear my grandsons' little voices

Marguerite from New York, New York

It was hard to hear my grandsons' little voices and I was not picking up the beginning syllables of words. A friend told me about Embrace Hearing and recommended them. I got Embrace's most advanced product. It was the top of the line with automatic directional adjustments. The overall quality of the hearing aids is magnificent. I had no adjustment period and the hearing aids worked right away. However, I kept turning down the volume. I talked to a service person who offered for me to send them back. So I sent the hearing aids back, had them set the automatic volume when it comes on and then the hearing aids were back in three days. It has been a magnificent experience.

a beautiful warm summer night

Steve from Coodanup, Australia

Hello Embrace, I am moved to write while sitting outside on a beautiful warm summer night, with your aids in (I wear them always except bedtime). We live in a bush environment on a river fringe on acreage and I was listening to my birds and their song. Red tail cockatoos, twenty eights, pink and greys, magpies and even the lowly maligned crow. All making lots of noise. Out of interest I took your aids out. Absolute dead quiet. I just don’t get the high sounds that is birdsong. Thank you for a perfect well priced product.

Best Technology, Great Price, Super Customer Service

Ralph from Union, WV

After being impressed by the online reviews, I contacted Embrace Hearing, They responded within hours and email exchanges of information ensued.within the week a technician phoned me to discuss my hearing profile and eventually took my order, even though that was not his job. The order was placed on a Friday and the hearing aids were delivered the following Monday. I have worn hearing aids for ten years - first Beltones, then Phonaks. The Embrace hearing aids are FAR superior. They are smaller and lighter than my earlier hearing aids and the speaker in the ear, rather than in the hearing aid body behind the ear with its audio output fed to the ear through a sound tube. The tiny speaker cushioned with a flexible anti-feedback diaphragm surrounding it, is practically unnoticeable. No discomfort whatsoever. The surround- sound option is remarkable - it adjusts to its environment so hearing what's important is enhanced more than with my earlier hearing aids. The price is anywhere from 40% less than the competition, on down lower than 10%, or so, and They furnished insurance claim forms with necessary technical information for reimbursement entered.

Awesome Thanks Embrace Hearing

Gary from Woodville Ontario

I recieved my H700's with speechbeam & a bluetooth remote a few days ago & so far they work very well, they fit good, the sound quality is very good it's amazing that I can hear the sound from the direction it's coming from not just directly in my ears, I hear sounds that I havent heard for a long time even with my old hearing aids, the the bluetooth for my phone works fantastic, and for me the best part was the excellent price way cheaper than local & speed of delivery. I am quite impressed with every facet of my purchase from you & will definitely recommend you & return for more when needed. Again thanks Gary

Saved $2600

Jon from Florida

I read most of the online reviews of Embrace Hearing,who can these people be with their negative comments? Pay an audiologist be up front about buying on line, Save $ 2600.00 like II did for the same hearing aid bought locally. I had to return them once for a small adjustment,nice savings of several thou $. Love the aids,the people,and all the meals out I will be having out for the next couple of years.

Repair Work

Philip from Iowa

I have needed repairs only twice in 2 years. The first time was when the dog ate one of my hearing aids. I upgraded to the 700 model. The second time was when one of them stopped working. The turn around time was fast. Less than a week, i sent them a new audio gram and they work even better than before. All I can say is great service. Good job guys. Dr First.

Absolutely the best

Art from Shreveport, LA

I have been using Embrace hearing aids for over a year. I suffered through the leading brands of hearing aids for years. They were also the most expensive..over $6000. I can honestly say that Embrace hearing aids are far superior and the company has the fastest service of all. Thank you, Embrace.

Satisfied Customer

Ron from Jacksonville, FL

I have been wearing hearing aids for about fifteen years and have purchased six hearing aids from different manufacturers the most recent from Embrace Hearing is definitely the best one that I have ever had. The service is outstanding. Love my hearing aid.

My experience with them has been life-changing.

Charles W from Nokomis, FL

I went to an ear doctor but if I bought my hearing aids from them, it was $8,000 which I could not afford. I looked on the internet, found Embrace and it seemed like a good deal so I got them. I like that I'm able to hear things that I never could before. I'm 62 and now when I listen to music, I hear instruments or voices that I never heard before. I also work for Florida Power & Light and I have to attend meetings every once in a while and I miss so much. There are people talking behind me and I don't hear their voices but they're talking to me. Embrace Hearing really helped me a lot.

My experience with them has been life-changing. I don't have to ask people to repeat stuff anymore. I wish I could have had them when I was in elementary school. When I tried to enlist in the military, they wouldn't accept me because my hearing was so bad. Eventually, they did take me but they said my hearing was so bad that I can't tell which direction the sound came from and I never did. But with the hearing aids that I got, that's improved somewhat.

I highly recommend for both quality AND service

Bill T from Ashville, N.C.

I was being quoted very high prices by local audiologists. I realized that I was gonna have to purchase these hearing aids every four or five years. So, it was going to represent a significant expense. And so, I decided to research this online and found Embrace Hearing and read very positive reviews. I then got the premium hearing aids from them. However, I had an issue at the very beginning and I wound up speaking for about 45 minutes with one of their representatives. I was very impressed. Tim was his name and he was an extremely effective communicator. I had to send the hearing aids back for adjustment and they did so very easily. Everything was perfect.

Since having the hearing aids, the people around me don’t have to speak quite as loudly. The hearing aids are very comfortable and in fact, I even forget that they’re in. And after the adjustment, everything is working perfectly. I’m still adjusting on my left ear as I just changed it yesterday, but those are just minor adjustments. I highly recommend Embrace Hearing not only because of the quality of its product but particularly because of the quality of their service.

Their customer service is excellent. I would recommend them easily.

Diana S from Molalla, OR

Embrace Hearing is excellent and everything has been positive so far. This is the sixth time I have tried to switch from analog hearing aids to digital and this is the first time I've been successful. Their customer service is excellent. They're very prompt in responding. I would recommend them easily. In fact, the reason I tried them was because of the reviews and what the people say is true. I have a very severe hearing loss and I'm not easy to fit. I have to have the high-end ones everywhere I go and I've worn them for about 30 years now because I got them very young and it's hard to switch from an analog hearing aids because the sounds are so different, but they were switched successfully and I can hardly tell the difference.

Your customer service also has exceeded my expectations

Judd H from Modeseto, CA

Hello, I received the hearing aids two days ago along with all the instructional material. I am so happy with the hearing aids. They have exceeded my expectations!! I wore them all day yesterday from the time I got up to the time I went back to bed. They fit fantastic and I acclimated to them immediately. I had an all day staff meeting and was amazed at what I had been missing. At home, I could actually hear every conversation on TV for the first time in a long time. One note, the squeaker on our dogs toy - has got to go! never realized how annoying it was before now. Your customer service also has exceeded my expectations. You guys are great with the information provided and with no delay in your responsiveness. Awesome job, thank you, I should have done this years ago.

Excellent Products and even better service and support

Terry T from Layton, Utah

Embrace Hearing and their staff are some of the finest people I have had the opportunity to be associated with with. Dealing with Tim​ and​ Lori and their great staff has been a true pleasure. But most importantly they diligently suck with and helped me through a long cumbersome claims process.

In time for the weeding as promised!

Madeline Z from Plano, Texas

As you may recall I had the hearing aids shipped to my son's home to ensure I would have them in time for his wedding. They did indeed arrive in time for his wedding and they certainly enhanced my enjoyment of the wedding day. I am most appreciative of the superb service I experienced in getting the hearing aids to me in time for the wedding day. I continue to enjoy my Embrace Hearing Aids. I no longer struggle to hear in meetings or at church services. Even my children have remarked how very much improved my hearing is. Thanks again. Best wishes for your continued success


Bonnie from Norwich NY

Great price and works great. No complaints yet.

Good Value, Great Service

David Rasco from Texas

After extensive research, and then many conversations with Embrace Support, I purchased my hearing aids in May, 2012. It was a good choice... I could hear my grandchildren... and most of the time, my wife. LOL Recently, my battery died on my remote...and they don't make those anymore (battery or remote)! Tim in Support worked hard to find a solution that worked for me. Since I needed to send my hearing aids in to be matched to the new remote, I chose to have them cleaned and reprogrammed, too. WOW! It was like having new hearing aids. I had been struggling with cell conversations... they are now crisp and clear. What started out as a hassle (dead battery) turned into a great blessing. Kudos to all of the folks at Embrace.

Fantastic Hearing Aids

Doyle from Centennial Co.

Old hearing aids went bad and needed new ones in a week. Got hearing Test on Friday and sent copy to Embrace hearing on Monday and told them my dilemma and they said they could get them programmed and sent to me by Friday. They over night shipped them late on Thursday and I received them early Friday morning and boy did they work great. I have had three other hearing aids before and none worked like the HR-700 , best hearing aids I have ever owned. Want to thank TIM in NJ for helping me and doing what he said he would do by getting my hearing aids to me before my trip.

Thank you all.

Great Job.

Best Hearing Aids Ever

My New Model H-700's from Kansas City, MO

This review is with my New H-700's + Speech Beam. When I first got them they didn't work and I was disappointed. I sent them back for adjustment and when they returned they were NO Better. I was contacted by Tim who worked with me to get them correct. He is very knowledgable about the product and was a Great help. Long story short the problem was the Wax Guards. I replaced those and now have a delightful experience to report.

The following is my original review from three years ago, and I am happy to say that the H-700's are superior, and the reason is the Auto-Surround setting. Just turn them on and don't mess with the settings, they work automatically and adjust to each environment change as you go thru the day.

Initial review:
I'm shocked at what I had been missing, Not Anymore. Dog walking on leaves, My foot steps on sidewalk, Birds chirping, water running down the drain, granddaughters Real Voice, Music-that is the most amazing. The comfort is out of this world, I Do Not even know they are there. Bluetooth, a must, so many ways to enhance the experience. Program from Embrace is Excellent-First Try. Not charging CC until after they were delivered. Arrived in 7 days, as promised. I researched the manufacturer (Hansaton- in Germany, now here in the US) and they are one of the leading hearing aid companies is the world. The Luna (Now H700) are state of the art, the most advanced devices available. Hurry and get yours, you will be Soooooo Happy, and your Wife too!!

Thank you Again!

Emma from Austrailia

There is such comfort in having Embrace hearing aids because the after-care service is really special. The spare parts came so quickly that I feel like the personnel have an interest in my health and well-being, making sure I am looked after. A million thanks, Embrace, for giving the gift of hearing!! November 2016.

Best Hearing Aids Ever

Art S. from Shreveport, LA

I am so thankful I ran across Embrace hearing aids. I started wearing hearing aids about 7 years ago. I had moderate to severe loss in both ears from Air Force flying. The first pair I got cost over $5000 and I had to go back to the store so often that I could exchange Christmas cards with the salesperson. They were totally unsatisfactory but I thought that would be true of all aids. They went on the blink after 5 years and the manufacturer said the technology was too old (5 years?) and they didn't have parts. Then I tried a pair from a big box store and they were unable to program them to my satisfaction. After going without for a while, I came upon Embrace. I received my pair and I can, at last, hear normally.

Superior product AND better service

Charlie D. from Hammond, LA

First, I would like to express my gratitude for your quick response and action regarding my need for supplies for the hearing aids I purchased a couple of months ago. Rarely does a salesperson remain in touch with the buyer as you have. Not only that, but you have continued to answer all my questions and guide me properly. I am grateful for that too.

Next, the hearing aids are better than expected. I know I paid an extra few pennies for the ustream, but it works just as you said. I usually clip it to my shirt between the buttons on the front and stream music when I am working in my cubicle. It's much easier touching the switch to converse with co-workers than taking out ear pieces and replacing the aids Additionally, my work production has improved the past two months and it's more than likely because I am hearing everything much better with crisper sound than before.

Last, but not least, the aids fit better, do not fall out my ear as the last pair did, and are far more comfortable as well. All in all, not only is the product much superior than expected, but the service far more impressive.

Simply, thanks again!

Very fast and efficient service!!

Stevon M. from Moulton, AL

I just wanted to give a shout out to Tim for all his help getting my hearing aids serviced in a very timely manner!! He went above and beyond keeping me updated on exactly what was going on. I Love my hearing aids and was totally lost while they were being serviced. Very fast and efficient service!! THANKS!!!!


Daniel V. from South Carolina

I did alot of research before purchase. Chose this one. Great service. Helped with insurance forms info. Only problem is left side seems to use more mA as it quits before the other every time. Still, I recommend the 700.

Super Fast Service

David F. from Oakland, CA​

Thanks for the speedy turnaround; great to get it done so fast and everything's working just fine.

Works very well in noisy environment

Larry J from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Hi – I was just going to tell you that I attended a larger meeting in our boardroom of about 10 people -it really works well in a noisy environment.

Exceptional service

Emma Lee from Australia

The speedy, prompt and professional service I received in relation to the maintenance and care of my hearing aids has been a great comfort to me. I cannot thank Tim enough for his personal concern and high knowledge level of the product. Embrace Hearing is the first and last word in after care service!

Embrace hearing aid

David C. from K.C., Mo.

I have had four sets of hearing aids in the last 22 years.
The price of replacement hearing aid in storefront Brands was so prohibitive that I went to the internet and found ​t​he embrace site.
Embrace aides are without question the best hearing aids that I have ever used.
I particularly like the application of turning the hearing aids into earphones​ with the bluetooth remote​. This feature is invaluable learning foreign languages and listening to music.
I also found them easier to maintain at home.

The bluetooth TV streamer is a blast!

Jim L from Brattleboro, Vermont​

The TV streamer is a blast! I tried connecting to the set top box (Comcast), but it locks out WiFi streaming for Netflix, Amazon and others. I then used the analog plug into the TV rear and everything worked.
Baseball games are great. It's like being at the ball park. The crack of the bat is there as well as crowd noise, with the announcers voice distinct.
I went back to Netflix "House of Cards" that I had watched previously with many mushy voices. All voices now come in clearly. The movie experience is incredible using the TV streamer. It has good range to my shirt top remote and ears. I use either movie sound or music for best results. The SDS surround setting for my TV works good for some shows and not as good with others, and is easily changed to plain stereo.
So far I am delighted with TV streaming. Should have bought it sooner.

So far I am 100% satisfied

Robert from Beaver Falls, PA

The hearing aids and I are doing great. The first day I wore them about 4 hours, the next day about 8 hours and then most hours I am awake. The only program I have not used is the noise program, and will be anxious to try it when in a noisy crowd. The small domes are working fine with no discomfort so I have not tried the medium. I cannot believe how for someone like me, who has never worn hearing aids, is not having any problems getting accustomed to them. After the fist few hours the sound was natural and I could hear things I had not heard before. So far I am 100% satisfied and expect that to continue.

With your teaching tools, nothing could be easier.

Jim from Colorado

Hi there,
I received the wax guards and have used your linked video and written instructions to replace the wax guard in my left amplifier. With your teaching tools, nothing could be easier. I have been a bit afraid to mess with this end of the hearing device in the past. You have been a great help. I hope this does the trick. So far so good but I'll give it a test for awhile before deciding this has entirely solved the problem. Thank you.
Color me appreciative,

The bluetooth streaming is fantastic

Jim from Vermont

The blue tooth remote is terrific for phone calls, and I can hear the caller's voice in both ears. It is also incredible for listening to music with my Kindle Fire HD, generation 2. Hands free phone conversations is a great feature and well worth the cost of bluetooth.

The Best

Philip First from Iowa

This is my second set of hearing aids from Embrace. My first set of AIDS was good, but the previous team fell shot on service. The new team is the best. Attentive to my needs and questions. This is the way a top shelf business is run.
So why did I need new AIDS. (My new puppy ate one of them.). My AIDS were an old model and could not be matched. Tim was of great help in getting me a replacement set, at a great price. These new 700 models are just the best. I got the TV and blue tooth controller. Compared the the older version, this upgrade is in a new class. They work great, easy to set up with my phone and TV. The TV unit has a charger for the controller too.
I am a physician who has recommended online hearing aides to my patients. Embrace will now be at the top of my list for my patients.
Keep up the good work Embrace. Phil

40 years younger

Jim from Connecticut, USA

Hello Embrace,

I received my hearing aids yesterday, along with a basic remote. The sound quality is fantastic and I feel 40 years younger in my hearing.


New aids

James Gieske from Easton, MD

I was a very early Embrace Hearing client, and, after 4+ years of use (and abuse), one of my aids failed. I was advised that it could not be repaired either by EH or Hansaton as neither had parts for that device. That was very disappointing, but Tim made me a replacement offer I could not refuse after telling me that there had been significant advances in the technology. My new aids arrived yesterday and they are more than light years improved over the prior technology. I have not heard as well in years, and, while I regret the failure of the old units, the technical improvement in the new ones makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to all! Jim



The new folks who now run the Embrace Hearing site are super great. I was listened to, got great service and the hearing aids are working terrificly. Would recommend them to anyone.

Excellent service for my repair

Ellen from New Hampshire

Hi Embrace Hearing

Forgive me for not getting back to you sooner, but I had a full house of family over the weekend...did a little sliding with my grandchildren, even played Monopoly with my 12 yr old grandson- haven't played that in 40 years!! He's good at it!

Anyway - thank you for your prompt return of my hearing aids...They even seem to be working better than previously..thank you so very much.

With all best regards, Ellen

Couldn't ask for better

Michael Funk from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

My hearing has progressively worsened over the years. 3 years ago I finally broke down and went to an audiologist to get my hearing evaluated and she confirmed I would probably benefit from wearing hearing aids, which she could supply for $4000.00 with no refund if I didn't like them. While I could have written a check then and there, I decided to do a little research, first. What I found, mostly from reading on Embrace Hearing's web site, really shocked me. I decided to look into getting my hearing aids from an online seller rather than my friendly audiologist and save a couple thousand dollars. After looking at several different companies, I decided on Embrace because of the water resistant feature of their hearing aids (and the 45 day money back guarantee). I first purchased the basic pair and was astonished how well I could hear again! After about a year, I dropped one of them on a tile floor and it stopped working. I called, got the info to send it in and was pleasantly surprised to find it was under warranty and didn't cost me a dime to get it fixed. It took about a week and a half to get them back. I decided to upgrade to the next best model (without wifi) and even got a discount! The newer model is even better than the first and I recommend them. I recently lost my remote on an airplane flight and had to send the hearing aids back to get a new, synched, remote. (I still had the original set as a back-up). The product is top of the line and customer service is great.


larry from us-massachusetts

I did tons of research before purchasing. I also met with several local hearing aid retailers. The whole hearing aid thing is a bit of a scam. Your options to price shop are very limited. Name brands are rebranded and sold for crazy prices and it is near impossible to comparison shop. I went to a local audiologist that wanted to charge me $3900. I opted for the audio profile and ordered with embrace. I paid half the price of my local retailer and I am blown away by the quality of the hearing aids. I would highly recommend EMBRACE to anyone needing hearing aids. I am a difficult shopper to please and Embrace has done it. Thank You

"Above and beyond" service

Paul H. from Arizona, USA

Thank you so much for your “above and beyond” service!! The hearing aids arrived today safe and sound. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Impressed with the quality

Ron M. from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I should let you know that my H-700 hearing aids and bluetooth devices arrived safely and so far, I am impressed -- with the quality of the product and accompanying information. I have already succeeded in live streaming music from my iPad to the hearing aids via Blue Tooth. Tomorrow I'll attempt to link up with the television.

You are right to caution people about initial effects. I hear a great many sounds I usually ignore as trivial background noise and will have to learn to pay less attention (I'll be much more gentle chopping carrots in future!). My wife seems gratified to be heard -- and there goes one of my better excuses!

Thank you for your advice thus far, I'm looking forward to enhanced socializing.

Excellent Hearing Aid and Superb Service

David Simons from New York

I purchased my Stella hearing aids (the most expensive HA sold by Embrace at that time. This model was replaced by the current model H-700) from Embrace Hearing 3 years ago. They have been functioning flawlessly until around 10 days ago and I contacted the help line for assistance. Tim responded within hours, diagnosed my problem and arranged for return of the hearing aids for replacement of the RIC attachment and reprogramming of the hearing aids and remote control. This was accomplished expeditiously and the hearing aids were speedily returned to me in perfect condition. The updated programming from my most recent audiogram is perfect and the sound is magnificent. I had the remote control programming updated as well and it too works flawlessly. I recommend Embrace Hearing for their excellent quality product and superb support marketed at a discounted and reasonable price. 5-stars plus.


Emma L from Australia

These hearing aids are so good, you will want to take them home to meet your mother. I've had mine for 3 months now and they are so discreet and light on the ear, crisp in volume and easy to care for. The after care service is prompt, professional and spot-on in their advice. They know their product; no better sign that this is more than just a business, these are people who are out to help deaf lives better. I would highly recommend these aids and this company to anyone looking for decent prices, corporate responsibility and ease of ordering. Don't waste time weighing up the different models, get this set because you too can have top of the range with affordability. To hear the world again is a precious gift - you deserve it.


GJ from Boston, MA

I looked for a high quality, affordable hearing aid for weeks until I finally found Embrace. I decided to go for the trial period, and everything worked out perfectly. I am so happy, and thousands of dollars richer. $$$


charlie from Elgin, AZ

I had worn aids for about 5 years before I discovered Embrace. I needed to make a change and I was trying to convince myself to spend $5,000+ for new hearing aids. When I compared the Embrace Lunas to what I was considering, I decided to go with them as they were almost identical in the features I needed and wanted. I have never looked back! I have sent them back twice for adjustments and the turnaround time is only about a week. The corrections/updates are always done as anticipated. I would recommend Embrace to anyone who has worn hearing aids previously, or anyone who feels they do not need a lot of one-on-one handholding.

SAVED ME $4,000!

Don Boerger from Sidney, Ohio

I previously used Oticon hearing aids which were state of the art when I bought them 5 years ago. Once the warranty expired my provider constantly pressured me to upgrade to newer technology. This became annoying and I began to research for a better way. That's when I found Embrace. After much research and apprehension I decided that with a 45 day trial what didI have to loose. My experience with Embrace has been nothing but positive. I sent in my audiogram, answered a few questions and received my new hearing aids shortly thereafter. I couldn't be happier. It did take a few days to adjust to the difference but I'm now hearing things I had missed for years. Thanks Embrace for saving me about $4000.00.


Pat St. Germane from Belcourt, ND

Embrace saved my job!! As a HS teacher, could not hear students talking, let alone my administrators. Was thinking about retiring!! Now every word is heard, no more lip reading, very happy with the x-mini. Recommend Embrace to anyone. These Hansaton devices are remarkable. Thank you!!


luciano from Brescia Italy

Sorry for the delay but I want to tell you that embrace the hearing that you have provided me, and delivered at the beginning of this year (2014) it works perfectly and I am very happy. I want to tell you that the price was very good and that if I find acquaintances who need it are ready to advise them your products. I always want to keep in touch with you because it may be that I'll need it again. Luciano from Lake Garda.


Elbert McCormick from Liberty, MO

I'm shocked at what I had been missing, Not Anymore. Dog walking on leaves, My foot steps on sidewalk, Birds chirping, water running down the drain, granddaughters Real Voice, Music-that is the most amazing. The comfort is out of this world, I Do Not even know they are there. Bluetooth, a must, so many ways to enhance the experience. Program from Embrace is Excellent-First Try. Not charging CC until after they were delivered. Arrived in 7 days, as promised. I researched the manufacturer (Hansaton- in Germany) and they are one of the leading hearing aid companies is the world. The Luna is state of the art, the most advanced device available. Hurry and get yours, you will be Soooooo Happy, and your Wife too!!

GJ from Boston, MA


Jim from Vermont

The blue tooth remote is terrific for phone calls, and I can hear the caller's voice in both ears. It is also incredible for listening to music with my Kindle Fire HD, generation 2. Hands free phone conversations is a great feature and well worth the cost of bluetooth./p>


Michael Carmichael from Queenstown, MD

After receiving my hearing aids my world changed. The first time I wore them in the car, I could hear the click of the turn signals. I now use them every day and don't take them out until it's bed time. I now hear music like I haven't heard for years.
I had one problem with the right ear unit. Embrace Hearing worked with me and replaced the unit quickly. No more problems. I clean the units and change the batteries once a week and have never heard the low battery signal.
I have recommended these hearing aids to several people and will continue to do so.


John Clark from Canada

I have tried hearing aids of different "professional" brands over the past 15 years and looking back I will describe the experiences as brutal.

Amped up sound beating me in the ear had left me with a very suspicious, even apprehensive view of hearing aids in general.

As good fortune would have it I lucked into the Luma and the professionals and support group at Embrace. Yes I am satisfied but it would be more accurate to tell you I am pleasantly astounded with Luma!


Dan from Brisbane Australia

I recently purchased the Embrace Stella and am very pleased (these are my first hearing aids). I obsess about the sound from my stereo system. Embrace set one of the programs for music. According to the audiologist this setting does not alter the sound with compression and expansion and is more accurate when it comes to instruments and recordings. These hearing aids allow me to hear everything I look for in music -- the sound stage, instrument separation, timbre and pitch are all great. I am both surprised and relieved. It’s also good to hear all of the conversations I am involved in.


Joan Barbacovi-Goesch from Washington, US

As a retired Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist, who worked at Fortune 500 company, was certified & conducted hundreds of hearing exams/tests on employees. My husband and I have worked hard for our money & aren’t about to throw it away for over priced hearing aids/ systems or anything else. cheap. April 2013 after seeing the local Costco ‘Audiologist/ licensed Dispenser & undergoing their tests, I listened to his ’sales pitch’ & politely said I would have to discuss buying any of their products with my husband. I, as many others was shocked at the price for a pair of hearing aids. A visit with a friend to a local Audiologist, to see what she had to offer & compare prices was even more shocking. After doing some research I read the Embrace Hearing articles, & after a couple of phone calls & further research chose Embrace Hearing. I now wear their German made Hansation Hearing System, at a tremendous savings. They look great & best of all, I can hear. During this 3 month period there has been NO need for adjustments. The system is of high quality & has a three year warranty. The money I saved has been use to purchase new appliances . There has not been any need for any adjustments. Should any adjustments be needed, a local audiologist is available at no cost. I definitely recommend the Embrace Hearing.


Marty K from California

I ordered my Luna hearing aids and shortly after receiving I had a problem and found Embrace Hearing to be very responsive in fixing my problem. Their service was exceptional and I saved thousands over similar hearing aids purchased locally. I also found a local Audiologist to service my hearing aids so I feel I have the complete package.


Kerry Hughes from Australia

After being frustrated by local prices I found the Embrace website and followed through with a purchase. At first I was cautious but I'm glad I did as their attention has been great. I've already recommended the hearing aids to anyone who asks.


Bob Weight from Denver

Every other electronic gadget has gotten cheaper and better with time except hearing aids. This outfit is making some moves in that direction, saving you thousands. They are very responsive and can guide you through the whole process.


John Baker from FL, United States

Wear them all the time. Can hear much more and better with these. Having a few video's or links to youtube on use and care would be nice.
Communication has been very good.
I'm very happy with these hearing aids.


Len B. from US

Hi Embrace, received small package. I figured it all out easily. All I can say is WOW. No more feedback at all. The bluetooth works great. All I can do is thank you for your help. These aids are great.


Feliks P. from Colorado

I have succeeded in set up all the features of this marvelous product.
The transmitter (from TV) works well and gives me much more freedom to listen TV independently from others in the room.
I have linked my cell phone to miniMedia remote and enjoy talking. I feel happy so far and have amazed by excellent product you provided.


Edward G. from Maine

Thanks Embrace got the cell phone working via Bluetooth GREAT!! I like it. I can not tell you just how much it means to me your kind help in working with me. Thanks!


Sandra S. from New Jersey

It has been a joy to begin using the hearing aids! They've already allowed me access to conversation and sounds that I was excluded from before, which is a wonderful experience to say the least!!


Joe C. from North Carolina

I received the Luna hearing aids from you this past week and love it so far.


Robert K from Florida

I am really enjoying these hearing aids. I can enjoy so many more sounds than I could with my old Seimens. They were going on 5 years old and my hearing has changed so much in those years. They are also a lot smaller and more comfortable to wear.


Thomas S. from Arizona

I received my hearing aids yesterday and I am very pleased with the results so far. Thank you!


Dr. David S. from US

I am now wearing the hearing aids that I purchased from you since 11/2/12, the day that they arrived. I am a long time CIC hearing aid user and transitioning to the Luna model was painless and a delight. The programming is flawless, although I use program #3 almost exclusively.

Thoughtful Service

J.R. from Ridgeway, CO

Thanks for the prompt return of my hearing aides and your thoughtful service. They work better than ever. Now, I can almost hear myself think!

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